Coffin Born

Album: Resurrection (2015)

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Coffin Born formed in Malvern, PA in 2001 by Zach "Necroblaster" Smith (vocals) and Jeff Daniels (guitar) after leaving a short-lived black metal band called GRIM. After a month of formation, Death Metal Dave joined up on drums and thus COFFIN BORN was literally born. In March 2002, the full-length CORPSE, a concept album based off an erotica written by Necroblaster, was released. Shortly followed was a fake live recording DEAD AT GETTYSBURG recorded Feb 22, 2002 in Dave's porch. Jeff quit in May to focus on his band The Lucky Nothings. Dave & Necro in the meanwhile worked on an experimental black metal EP HEATHEN STORM. Necro unimpressed with the music and sick with mono, lost interest and quit. He left DMD in charge. Dave released both Dead At Gettysburg and Heathen Storm in September 2002.

In early 2003, Dave talked to the former guitarist Jeff about recording Coffin Born again. It worked. In March 2003, Jeff and Dave recorded the Crush The Lifeless Spawn demo. This time it wasn't as joking, and it sounded a lot more serious.

Due to the success of Crush, CB recruited two new members - Jim Fuzz (from Hardcore band THE FUZZ) on bass, and Devin Klein (from Only Child) on vocals. A show was planned but got cancelled, and there were some recorded material, but nothing continued. There was a long silence from Coffin Born for awhile because Jeff, Jim, and Devin had all gone to college. In 2004, a bootleg was found in Necroblaster's archives of a 2002 Coffin Born show during the Heathen Storm sessions. This bootleg is called I Love Church. Other than the discovery of the bootleg, Coffin Born had died in 2004. 5 long years of silence.

In February 2009, Death Metal Dave worked and edited on a best-of compilation to bring the Coffin Born name back out to the world. The compilation Violation of the Dead was officially released on August 11, 2009.

In 2011, after a year of more silence, Jeff finally got in contact with Dave to talk about bringing back Coffin Born for a new recording. Dave agreed. Jeff was on break from his band his Death/Doom band, Burden. In April, the new demo was recorded at Jeff's place in Philly. Dave was sent the recorded material, but didn't have a lot of time to work on it due to being busy with his band DownSyndrome.

In late 2014, Dave's band DownSyndrome had broken up. Dave got down to business after some time to work on the Resurrection material. After almost half a year of editing, the album was complete. On October 30, 2015, Coffin Born - Resurrection was released.

Jeff is currently in the band Die Choking. Dave is currently in the band Terminal Frost, and on Drone side project MoonCandle.